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The Moisturize and Glow Pair

This pairing is perfect for achieving truly moisturized, glowing skin. It features a full-sized bottle of the total toner and a full-sized bottle of Liquid Gold.

How to use together: I suggest one of two methods for best results, however, no one knows your skin as well as you do.

Method 1- After cleansing skin, mist entire face with total toner. Gently pat product into skin. While skin is still damp, massage a full vial (dropper bottle) or three to 5 pumps (pump bottle) of Liquid Gold into skin. Massage for about 60 seconds and pat skin gently to finish. Mist face again, if so desired. Pat excess into skin.

Method 2- Cleanse your skin with Liquid Gold for at least sixty seconds using the oil cleansing method. Follow with your favorite gentle foaming cleanser to remove excess oil. While skin is still damp, mist entire face with the total toner. Gently pat into skin. Then, massage a three to five drops or a pump of Liquid Gold into your skin for about 60 seconds. Pat skin gently to finish. Mist again if you desire. Pat excess into skin.

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