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phnx facial DAY essence

Facial essences allow additional moisture and vitamins to enter the skin while transitioning from toner to serums. The phnx facial essence features the antioxidant properties of honeysuckle, oil-balancing benefits of niacinamide, and anti-aging extracts from orchids.

Directions: Apply one to two pumps to clean, damp skin. Pat lightly into skin and follow with serums, then moisturizer. Perfect for daytime hydration.

Key Ingredients-
Niacinamide- Vitamin B3; highly effective at soothing irritated skin and balancing sebum production.
Green Tea - Powerful antioxidant; antimicrobial and soothing to irritated skin
Orchid Stem Cells- The perfect flower for skin; contains several valuable vitamins like calcium, magnesium and zinc; a master moisture retainer.

Ingredients- aloe vera juice, aloe vera leaf extract, glycerin, niacinamide, hyssop extract, orchid stem cells, apple extract, green tea extract, silica, essential oils (honeysuckle, jasmine, helichrysum, amyris)<1%

50 ml/1.7 fl. oz

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