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Liquid Gold
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Liquid Gold is a multi-use facial oil that is about to become your skin's next best friend. Whether used as a cleansing additive or standalone glow oil, Liquid Gold is the game changer. Featuring a blend of 10 oils, Liquid Gold balances the best carrier oils for skin with the hypnotic fragrance of ylang ylang and antiseptic properties of tea tree.

Directions: As an oil cleanser: follow the oil cleansing method and remove excess with a warm cloth. Follow with toner.
As an additive: I use a full dropper (or two) of this in a gentle cleanser. It ensures a rich cleansing that does not strip the skin.
As a glow oil: A few drops warmed in the palms applied to clean skin as needed (a little goes a long way). Hair, hands, and body can benefit from this rich oil blend.

Key Ingredients:
Jojoba Oil- a skin-identical, lightweight oil known for its variety of healing properties
Black Seed Oil- an antioxidant-packed oil that fights free radicals while hydrating
Helichrysum- a champion at fighting the signs of aging and soothing tired skin. Found in almost all of my products.

Ingredients: jojoba oil**, grapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil**, meadowfoam oil, rosehip seed oil**, black seed (cumin) oil**, squalane**, essential oils (ylang ylang, helichrysum, tea tree)

Available with or without fragrance (essential oils)

**certified organic ingredient

30 ml/1 fl. oz

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